Gone are the days where people would have to spend hours in front of a mirror preparing themselves for a special event. Rather than having to dedicate hours to preparation, it makes much more sense to sit back and relax while a trained expert takes care of your aesthetic needs for you.

And that’s where our team at ONS comes into the fray. Our highly qualified and experienced beauticians offer much more than world class therapies; we specialise in catering to the needs of our clients on a completely different level. Day spas were created to help clients to relax and unwind and that’s exactly what you can expect when you visit our facility.

What do we offer?

Whether you’re hoping to enjoy a luxurious massage in any number of styles; or if you were keen to have your hair, skin, or nails treated by an expert – our team are always on hand to help.

Hair & beauty is a speciality of ours and this is why we’ve defined specific areas for treatments within our spa.

For those hoping to take advantage of our stylists’ skills and expertise, we offer an exclusive salon area where our clients can come in, sit down and relax while they enjoy a variety of therapies – before carrying on with their day.

For those of you that would prefer a little more longevity to their treatments; our day spa facilities are second to none. From using our heated pool all the way to undergoing a hot stone massage, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy a premium service that leaves you feeling as great as you look.

How to book

Do you have a group event that you’d like to book in advance? Maybe you’re planning on making an appointment for a loved one as a surprise? Perhaps you want to schedule your own therapies and treatments in sometime this week? Whatever you need us for – you’ll be able to book our services right now via phone, or by sending our team a quick email.

We aim to respond to all correspondence within 24 hours and we can even confirm your booking online. If you’d prefer to chat in person, then please feel free to give our reception a call and they’ll be happy to offer advice and information. We make it easy for you to book, so that you can simply look forward to your next appointment – whether you’re planning a visit for a quick treatment, or a full weekend of luxury and enjoyment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right now.